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Valerie designs with versatility in mind.

Her new Mini-Alhambra necklace is reversible, with
mottled cherry red on one side, and cinnamon brown on the other. 
An magnetic clasp makes it easy to wear.

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SERENITY, in Sterling Silver,
For Your Coat or Sweater.

Valerie's "Bodhi" Brooch picks up on the theme of the mythical "Bodhi" tree, where a Gautama Buddha was said to be sitting when he achieved enlightenment.

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Imaginatively designed. Expertly made.

Thistle necklace, by special order, of glass and sterling silver.

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A Hint of Tangerine Here....
a Bit of Periwinkle There

Valerie balances colors for maximum visual impact. She's got an eye for geometry, too, combining different beaded structures in a single necklace, from simple to complex and everything in between.

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Create a Necklace to Your Own Taste.
Select the Beaded Elements you like best, then string and restring them in many different ways. You'll have a one-of-a-kind necklace that you designed yourself!
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Only The Human Hand Can Render The Complex Beaded Elements That Valerie Creates.

Only Valerie's unique sense of design can blend the elements so successfully. Here, Valerie's new "Wrap" Necklace. Fresh, colorful, wearable -- a lariat-style necklace in sterling silver and glass, for any season of the year.
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Clip Earrings! Valerie enjoys making them.
Customers feel they are highly comfortable!

Here, her "Lotus" Earrings, composed of tiny sterling silver beads,
stitched in three layers, on a sturdy sterling silver disk.